The Laudibus League is and expert provider of the following services for educational institutions:

1. School Management
2. Strategic Planning
3. Financial Advisory (inluding Treasury, Loan Syndication, Budgetting and Profit Planning
4. School Financial Management System
5. Enterprise Risk Management
6. Learning Management Systems
7. Human Capital Management Systems
8. Training Management and Execution

Courses and Webinars Offered

Corporate Governance for Boards of Directors/Trustees and Senior Management of Educational Institutions Corporate Governance is the system of stewardship and control to guide organizations in fulfilling their long-term economic, moral, legal and social obligations towards their stakeholders. (Securities and Exchange Comission)

Strategic Management for Educational Institutions Strategic management is the management of an organization's resource to achieve its goals and objectives governance (Will Kenton)

Financial Management for Educational Institutions "It is said that finance is the life blood of an organization. Thus, effective and efficient financial management is the key to growth and sustainability."

Enterprise Risk Management for Educational Institutions "Risk Management is an important part of any organization but especially those, like schools that are exposed to a number of risks at any given time." - Accru Melbourne

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